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New Workshops... NEW Workshops... NEW WORKSHOPS
February 11, 2013

Build Your Skills One Brush Stroke at a Time!

Hi to all my dear painting friends,

I guess it's not too late to wish you a happy new year! I do hope that 2013 brings you much joy, good health and prosperity.

Some of you have been wondering when my classes would resume and I'm happy to say very soon!

I took a little down time this year and had myself a mini stay-cation. Slept in, read the books I got for Christmas, made art, planned all my meals and even exercised a little…ummm, very little.

In the meantime, I also created some new designs, which have been accepted by PaintWorks magazine. I'm very excited about that. More details coming soon!

Enjoy this short newsletter and watch for more and more updates to the website.


What you'll find in this issue

Hello from the Studio

Announcing the Spring / Summer Workshops

Mixed Media Guest Teacher

Quotable Art Quotes

New Pattern Packets

Photograph by Frank Farrell

Hello from the studio!

This little critter is a short-tailed weasel in its winter coat. In this colouration, they're referred to as ermines. Much to our delight, the wee fellow came out for a daytime visit. A meat bone we left out for the birds attracted it. He happily gorged on the sinew, meat and fat for about a half hour. Just thought I'd share this with you. Such a pretty animal, ferocious but definitely pretty!

I'm getting organized in the studio although right now it doesn't look like it, that's for sure! I need to make way for fresh stock so I'll be having a sale on brushes and other painting supplies soon. Also, I'll be selling some of my used books. Stay tuned for these announcements!

Spring and Summer Workshops 2013

I'm happy to say that the studio will be open again starting with a mini-workshop on Friday March 15th. Many of you have asked for more glass painting projects so I've added a few I think you'll enjoy. And I really like the way this glazed ceramic dish turned out! Check it out here.

I have an exciting line up of workshops, which are already beginning to fill up! I was so ready for something fresh and lively, so I do hope you like the projects I've chosen for you. This Trudy Beard design is even more stunning in person of course. Done on a 16 x 20 wooden panel, it packs a visual wallop!

You mentioned an interest in painting for the Holidays all year round. So I'll be adding Christmas themed projects in the warmer months so we can all get our painted gifts and decorations done ahead of time. You'll have to check the site from time to time because I haven't had a chance to get all of my painting done. Or send me a friend request on Facebook to stay in touch. I often use social media to announce anything new on the site.

Mixed Media Guest Teacher

I'm happy to announce that Andrea Warren, representative from Golden Artist Colors will be teaching some interesting mixed media workshops. Both workshops span a whole weekend and there is so much to explore and experiment with. And of course, Andrea always brings free goodie bags for you to take home!

Check out the fun details here!

I don't have any sample images yet but as soon as I get something I'll add them to the site.

Quotable Art Quote

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. - Leonardo da Vinci

New Pattern Packets

Over the early part of winter I created some new pattern packets that you may enjoy. They're featured here on my other website. Check them out here.

As always, I wish you the very best!

Cheryl Poulin

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