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Workshop Registrations- News from Cheryl's Ferrule, Issue #26
September 06, 2012

Build Your Skills One Brush Stroke at a Time!

Hello Painting Friends,

Now that Summer activities are coming to a close and we are settling back into the remainder of the year, here is a quick update on our Fall / Winter workshops.

As you know I love to teach and I love having you in my studio. Sadly, most of the workshops posted on my site are at risk of being cancelled due to poor registration.

Chances are that everyone has been busy enjoying the hot, dry summer weather and haven’t yet started to plan for their fall and winter leisure and painting activities. Or maybe there are other reasons. Either way this is a predicament for my business and one I have to pay serious attention to, as you can understand I’m sure.

In order to be able to offer workshops at the studio, I need a minimum of 4 registered participants for each workshop… 6 or 8 would be even better! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but unfortunately the fall and winter workshops are falling well behind the minimum number of 4.

So I’m sort of scratching my head and wondering if the projects I selected are less than appealing, my schedule just doesn’t work for you or if you haven’t even had a chance to look at the workshops yet.

May I ask you for a big favour? I really need your help to understand how I can provide better courses and/or better studio access to meet your needs. I’d really love to get your honest feedback by mid-September if you can find the time to do that. After all, I want to teach what you want to learn… right?

This isn’t meant as a way of pushing you into anything, so please don’t feel obligated to register. I just need to know how much interest there is in painting at the studio. This will allow me to use the studio space for other purposes if some workshops don’t fill up.

If you have not yet seen the lineup of workshops you can find them at these links:

Full Day Workshops

Mini Workshops

Mixed Media Workshops
If you have already registered, please visit those links to see if your workshop is at risk of being cancelled.

If your workshop is cancelled you will be advised and a refund issued by cheque.

Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Best regards, Cheryl


Comments? Burning questions? Ideas? Feedback?

Come on let me have it! I’d love to hear from you.

Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think…maybe you’d even like to share a tip to be mentioned in an upcoming issue!

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