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I love Fall. The air is crisp and fresh. Oh yeah!

On Saturday September 8th I held my annual studio open house and it was great. What a turn out! Over 50 guests came by to register for classes and to buy loads of books! It got a little crowded from time to time and I thank all of you for coming to see me.

There will be new workshops added all through the fall and winter, so visit the site often, it's the best way to see what's being offered.


Poor is the pupil

who does not surpass his master.

-Leonardo da Vinci


On October 20 and 21, I am hosting a PAINT-IN at the studio. It's to help raise funds for Parents' Lifeline of Eastern Ontario.

PLEO is a very underfunded support group for parents who have children and young adults suffering from mental illness. I am inviting you to come paint an ornament or two or more...The ornaments and paints will be here waiting for your brush strokes.

COYOTE WOODWORKS, upon hearing of this cause, immediately and very generously agreed to donate all the necessary wooden gift tags. Well they arrived a couple of weeks ago...all 300 of them!!! Now, that's generosity.

For great wood surfaces at affordable prices, please visit Coyote Woodworks.
I'm encouraging any crafter or artist to participate in this fundraiser. If you can't paint at the studio, you can still help out.

Just paint or decorate or make an ornament between now and October 30, and mail it in to me.

Everone participating will be acknowledged on this website. Please sign your ornaments and enclose your address so I can contact you.

Also know that 100% of the funds raised will be used for PLEO programs. Here's where you can learn more about PLEO.

Free Painting Patterns

I have designed 2 lovely tag ornaments for you.

As a subscriber to my newsletter, you have access to these free patterns. Please type in the password 4mula45.

I hope you like the tags. They're fun and easy to do. Here's where you'll find the projects.


NEW to the studio! A complete departure from Decorative Painting. I mean TOTALLY!

Want to break free? Explore new ieas? Then it's time to explore Your Creative Spirit! This is your opportunity to learn about the true artist that lives in you. You don't need an art degree and you don't need "natural talent".

All you need is the desire to paint from the heart. There are no patterns and the colour choices will be all yours.

If you know someone who could benefit from a workshop like this, please send them a copy of this newsletter.


I am so thrilled that Harvest Moon Orchard is open and back in full swing for the season.

If you're in the Ottawa area, you have got to make a special trip to this orchard. It's a great family outing, the view is beautiful and the gift shop is brimming with goodies.

Here's the link to their website. HARVEST MOON ORCHARD They're open Wednesday to Friday 11:00am to 5:30pm and weekends 9:00am to 5:00pm.

You won't find a more hospitable and charming couple than Randy and Mary Lynne. Equally warm and friendly are their employees.

And the apples... these people know their apples. Take a leisurely country drive to Carp and find out what a REAL MacIntosh tastes like.

Oh, and tell them Cheryl sent you.


Until September 26th, 2007 you can view a wonderful art exhibit at The Herb Garden in Almonte, Ontario.

If you've never been there, this is a perfect opportunity to go.

There are six of us and the show is called 6 Degrees of Separation. Here's where you'll find all the details.


This may surprise some of you but there is this abstract artist lurking inside of me. :o) Yes, I am diving into that part of art and I am having a great time...and my paintings are actually selling!

I am enjoying this part of my artistic nature. It's very rewarding and liberating. I hope you'll take a peek. It's not to everyone's taste and that's OK. I'd love your feedback either way. Here's where you can find my mixed media gallery.



Recipe from Anne Lindsay's New Light Cooking

Makes 40 pieces

4 10-inch flour tortilla

1/2 cup herbed cream cheese

4 roasted red peppers, well drained and blotted

1 bunch arugula or enough watercress or lettuce to cover

Spread each tortilla with cream cheese. Cut red peppers into 1-inch wide strips; arrange in single layer, in row over cream cheese. Cover with arugula, leaving 1-inch border around edge.

Roll up tightly, jelly-roll fashion.

Wrap very tightly in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 6 hours.

Cut each on the diagonal into 12 slices; eat the cut ends. :o) Now you know how I stay so slim! :o) Yeah, right!


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