There are so many ways to create altered book pockets! So why don't I just go ahead and show you the sort of cool ideas you could try for yourself.

And hey, I'm just playing here. If you have other ideas, you just go for it!

I'll show you pocket pages from start to finish. I just really hope this stimulates you to try different ideas in your altered books.

altered book pocket using copper tape

This is probably the easiest pocket to create.

Simply take one corner of a page and fold it toward the spine.

Use copper tape to secure it in place.

To make my pocket nice and strong, I glued two pages together before folding it.

altered book pocket in progress

This is the page opposite the pocket.

I found the words "Spirits returned, perched jauntily upon a handsome boy."

I found an old image of twin boys and glued it under those words. Then I used gesso to lightly fade out the young boy furthest away, creating a spirit of sorts.

I then applied gesso all over, being careful to keep my new found poem. Now the artwork begins.

Check back again soon for the finished page and for some new ideas.

If you have any questions about altered book pockets, contact me here.

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