I'm thinking we're all art students no matter how advanced or inexperienced we may be. There is so much to learn and experiment with and techniques to acquire or even invent!

I believe that being an artist is a most incredible way to travel along your life's journey. I'm so grateful to be one.

It's my pleasure to offer you the opportunity to add images of your work on this website for the world to see.

Sam's Light - Original drawing by Gary Mulhall Copyright Protected

"The story for “Sam’s Light” son at the beach.

The source material for this drawing was a photo taken 8 years ago that caught my son Sam in a most joyful expression, soaking in the sun on a warm summer day, not a care in the world. The light shone on and through him.

It was drawn on 110 lb paper with graphite pencils 2B to 9B.

This drawing won a 1st place award in an art contest.

Gary accepts requests for commissioned work.

Would you like to feature your artwork on this website?

I would love to have you feature some of your artwork on this web site!

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And feel free to tell the story and inspiration behind the work.

Any art form is game! Sculpture, pottery, mixed media, collage, assemblages, oils, name it!

It's a good idea to mention the size of the artwork and the medium that you used.

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Sterling's wolf. Acrylics 
When our youngest grandson (Sterling)turned 10 he said that he felt slighted because his Grandpa John had passed away and didn't have time to make something …

Beautiful glass painting!!!

ARCTIC WOLF Oil on 18"x 24" canvas 
I have recently taken up oil painting and for a study in color mixing and mood I used a professional photo taken of a wolf in the arctic and used that …

hibiscus oil on canvas 
I'm a Tunisian painter ,I paint flowers.

acrylics 16 x 20 PORTRAIT 
My first real portrait from one of my own photos. I am not completely satisfied with it. I have tried both looking at the two upside down and in a mirror...still …

It's All Pink. 8 x 10 acrylics 
I entered this in the Paint It Pink Canada - Avon's Breast Cancer fundraiser. I used a painting of artist Donna Nielsen Wallace lighthouses always …

Metal Embossing 12 x 24 
I have always joked that art is my therapy and cheaper than a shrink- so the words, "Art is music for the soul "came to me one night as an expression of …

I have my eye on you! 
Last week my 6 year old grandson was fooling around with the camera and took several pictures of his eye...up close. After lots of laughter with him I …

The Texture of Spring 
This piece is my 2nd work with full color. I have used a 72 piece Prismacolor set for my color and it has been drawn on 400 Strathmore 80-pound paper 18" …

Acrylics 24 x 30 canvas -- Ken 
This was done from a picture I took when we were hiking near the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska...the higher we got the narrower the trail became. …

The Blue Wall 12 x 16 canvas 
I was asked by a co-worker to paint this from a photo he took while on vacation in Mexico. He has it now and said he has received many compliments since …

16 x 20 Landscape .. acrylics 
Burwash Landing, Yukon on beautiful Kluane Lake. This was right beside the campsite we were using. Wonder how many years it had been since this was actually …

16 x 20 acrylics - family 
I used a picture that I took of my husband with his sister and our niece as they walk along the Whiff and Spit - Sooke, BC

5 x 7 acrylics - family 
Sharing tv time... our great nephews .. the picture that I used for this one just made me smile....Big brother, Dylan (5 years old) already has many of …

9 x 12 acrylics - family 
this little 5 year old can hardly wait to get on the ice!...or is it soccer he'd rather play?? Maybe he is about to create a totally new sport!

8 x 10 acrylics - Pets 
This was done from a picture I took of my sister's dog who has taken ownership of this chair...even though she has one of the nicest "doggie blankets" …

Hockey on the Canal 
This acrylic painting was inspired by a Tony Harris painting he did for the World Junior Hockey Championships this year. My own version features my husband …

12 x 12 acrylics  
This is a home in Hawksbury which I did from a picture for a friend. It is her family home and she is giving the painting to her mother for a birthday …

16 x 20 acrylics - Landscape 
I used a picture that I had taken while visiting British Columbia in 2007. This is Lake Morency.

9 x 12 acrylics - family 
I worked from an email picture that came in from my sister-in-law of her grandson. It just made me smile as soon as I saw it....the label on the back …

This is one of my driveway works. Driveway? Yes. This is far to messy to do in the house. I have some of the prettiest coloured stones in my driveway. …

Christmas time sleigh 
Done in a workshop with Cheryl ....she never fails to make her workshops fun and super enjoyable! Not to mention, her fabulous lunches which are included!!! …

Image Transfer on Canvas 
This is the result of an image transfer workshop with Cheryl. The scroll work in the corner and up the side is raised relief with Frescolina over a …

Birds (acrylics) 16 x 20 
During a recent shopping trip with my dear friend (who introduced me to this whole painting world!) I came across a beautiful big book of bird paintings …

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Ash Can (acrylics) 
I painted this Tin Ash can with acrylics. Well, I'm not going to use it to collect ashes...but to store bird seed! As it comes with a makes …

8 x 10 Acrylics (Childhood Winter Fun...) 
I ran into a young lady that I had worked with several years ago and was asking about her young son..since she didn't have any pictures with her, I begged …

10 x 12 Acrylics (Angel 2) 
After doing Angel Grace I was immediately drawn back to the book Believe by N.A. Noel and here now is Charity. She will hang beside Grace in my wee granddaughter's …

10 x 12 Acrylics (Angel) 
One of my daughter-in-laws brought over a book of paintings done by N.A. Noel called Believe which was a gift to her Mother a few years ago....all very …

Conte and Charcoal Drawing  
This drawing was done using colored, textured pastel and charcoal paper using Conte Sepia and white charcoal drawing pencils. The drawing was done for …

11 x 14 Floral (acrylics) 
My friend Karen, who loves those iris flowers, asked if I could paint this for her, from a greeting card that she had received. She was totally happy …

8 x 10 (acrylics) Small Dog 
I did this painting in acrylics. Our lifelong friends recently lost their dear companion "Buddy". Hopefully as they glance at the painting once in a …

Pen and Ink 
After taking a pen and ink "rouging" class, I purchased this pattern packet by Mary Owens. The wonderful rich colours of fall always inspire me.

Decorative Furniture 
How can you possibly beat nature when it comes to things to paint!

Halloween Decor 
As Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I have painted several pieces which I bring out for the whole month to decorate our home.

Armoire (acrylics) 
This was an armoire that I got from my Dad, but it was in a dark wood and did not go with my decor. So I decided to paint it in white so it would match …

Climbing Roses on a Stone House (8 x 10 acrylics) 
There are so many homes in Europe made of beautiful stones and this particular one caught my eye as the climbing roses were absolutely perfect as we passed …

Decorative Box 
Apples and Canada Goose I love apples and painting on things that will be used regularly in my this box!

Floral 11 x 14 and 6 x 8 (acrylics) 
At the time I did this acrylic painting, a dear friend who happens to love this flower was about to undergo some very serious surgery. Both canvases have …

Landscape (acrylics) 8 x 10 
This is acrylic painting is a companion to the farm painting that I did for my brother-in-law. It is two pictures combined into one, as the old farm machinery …

Landscape (acrylics) 8 x 10 
My brother-in-law was out driving around town (Huntsville, Ontario) and went to visit his grandparent's farm land. The sign was inside the barn leaning …

Hummingbird (acrylics) 8 x 10 
I painted this from a photograph for a young lady that we have watched "grow up". This was a wedding present as she is a lover of hummingbirds.

Acrylics - Landscape (8 x 10) 
I painted this from a photo using acrylics. It was taken in Central Park, NYC in the fall. It was a gift to a special friend who celebrated her 40th …

Graphite Drawing 
Best Friend came as a result of a woman who had a lab that was in ill health. She wanted to preserve her memory of this "Best Friend" before it was too …

Conte and Charcoal Drawing  
This is a drawing made of Mr. Joseph Campbell, well renown for his research and public speaking on mythology, to name but one of his area's of expertise. …

TV Tray- Decorative Painting- Acrylics 
This TV tray was painted for my dear honey (husband). It's the nickname I gave him since we've been married. His favourite snack is a honey and peanut …

Sterlings wolf. Acrylics Not rated yet
When our youngest grandson (Sterling)turned 10 he said that he felt slighted because his Grandpa John had passed away and didn't have time to make something …

ACRYLIC 36"x48" Not rated yet
After traveling to the tropics/Caribbean each year I decided to express my inspiration onto canvas.

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The Three Toddlers - Original drawing by Gary Mulhall Copyright Protected

The Three Toddlers

- by Gary Mulhall

"The story on Wendy’s boys – This was my first commissioned piece for a friend of my Mother’s.

Wendy has 3 sons who are in their 20’s now.

There is an age difference of 6 years or so from the oldest to the youngest.

She wanted a drawing showing them as a group, reflecting how they may appear together at the same age.

I placed the oldest in the center, the two younger ones behind as if to show the younger ones they were under the protection of the eldest.

She was very happy indeed with the final piece.

It was a graphite drawing using B through to 9B."

Flexibility in Life - Original drawing by Gary Mulhall Copyright Protected

Flexibility in Life - by Gary Mulhall

"I drove past this tree many times and it seemed to catch my attention each time.

I would reflect on how the tree had managed to survive the years. How the posture of the tree reflected a great truth to me; there is strength in being flexible in life. We are better able to weather the storms, as it were, without breaking and cracking.

This was my first real effort with charcoal, and I enjoyed the contrasts it allowed for."

Light Her - Original drawing by Gary Mulhall Copyright Protected

This sensitive drawing was done by Gary Mulhall.

He writes:

I am attaching my latest piece, it is called “Light Her”, a picture of my wife’s Grandmother, an English woman who recently passed away in her 90’s. She was full of character, life and a very proud woman (in a good way). I hope you enjoy.

Gary's passion is to work with graphite and charcoal.

Some of my art students are just gob-smacked by this man's talents!

Original painting by Betty Anne McDonald, copyright protected

BA. McDonald writes:

"This is for a young lady who's getting married in May.

I did this for her shower gift."

Well, it is certainly romantic. I love the whole feel of it.

The colours are lovely too!

Original painting by Betty Anne McDonald, copyright protected

BA. McDonald whipped this little canvas up in a day!

What lovely tulips!

I'll bet they're from Ottawa's Tulip Festival!

Original painting by Betty Anne McDonald, copyright protected

BA. McDonald worked from a photograph of her grandsons.

Notice the light and the lovely ripple effects in the water.

What a wonderful painting!

Brings back childhood memories.

Many of my art students have commented on this painting. Well done!

Painted by Betty Anne McDonald

BA. McDonald painted this for a lady who had a baby boy last year.

Acrylics on canvas.

Painted by Betty Anne McDonald

BA. MacDonald writes:

"In December my friend's daughter got married with the Phantom of the Opera theme and I used her wedding invitation for this..."

I'm saving a spot for the next student's artwork!

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