I searched everywhere for some bathroom painting ideas. All I found were examples of fabulous spacious bathrooms in big, huge, posh homes.

Well, I have a little modest raised ranch bungalow and my bathroom is small. Room to do your business, brush your teeth and have a bath. That's it.

Stenciled Wall

Years ago I stenciled the ceiling and walls and I hand painted the floor. It was pretty enough at the time but no longer reflected me nor my tastes. I wanted elegant, not whimsical. My head was swimming with bathroom painting ideas.

Being an artist with decorative painting skills, I knew I'd get my own bathroom painting ideas soon enough. In the meantime I had to prepare the room.

grey toilet and hand-painted floor


First make a list of the tools and supplies you'll need.

· Brushes

· Caulking and Caulking Gun

· Drop cloth

· Safe ladder

· Painter’s Tape

· Paint roller with the correct nap for your wall

· Paint tray

· Extension Pole

· Patching Material (Polly Filla)

· Work shirt and pants

· Putty Knife

· Some rags

· 220-grit sandpaper

· Scraper

· Screwdriver


A small room that's 5' x 8' will require 1 gallon for the walls, 1 quart for the trim, 1 quart for the doors, 1 quart for the ceiling.

If you're painting the floor, like I am, you'll need a quart for that too.

A medium sized room that's 12' x 15' will require 2 gallons for the walls, 1 gallon for the trim, 1 quart for the doors, 1 gallon for the ceiling.

Again, if you're painting the floor, factor that in.

And a large room that's 20' x '25 needs 3 gallons for the walls, 1 gallon for the trim, 1 quart for the doors and 2 gallons for the ceiling.

Obviously, if you're doing the floor, you'll need enough for that too!

And by the way, if you DO decide to paint the floor, you'll need a latex gloss varnish for the final layer.


First, remove everything that could get in your way. Next, take outlet covers off and tape the screws to the backs so you don't misplace them. Door knobs and hinges should come off too, if you're painting the door. Pull out picture hooks and nails.

Vacuum thoroughly.

Using painter's tape, cover outlets. Using plastic drop sheets, cover the vanity, tub or tub surround, toilet tank and lid. Cover the floor if you're not painting it.

Make some workspace for yourself. I used the vanity.

Scrape off any peeling paint. Sand down imperfections. Apply the Polly Filla to the affected areas. While you're at it, patch up small nail holes too. When dry sand down smooth.

If there are gaps and seams, apply caulking and let it dry completely. Make sure there is no sanding dust when you're caulking.

Clean the project surfaces with TSP or other deep cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. If there is mildew, use a product specifically made to deal with that. Rinse and dry.


These are really good bathroom painting ideas and tips before you apply primer.

TEST to find out if the paint that's on the walls is oil-based. Here's how you do that.

Apply rubbing alcohol on a clean white rag and rub it on the surface in a circular fashion. If the paint comes off on the rag it's a water-based paint (Latex). If not, it's oil-based.


1) Ceiling

2) Walls

3) Window

4) Doors

5) Trim - baseboards, door trim and window trim

6) Floors

TYPE OF BRUSH - Don't go cheap here. Use a really good quality nylon/polyester brush for latex finishes.

I have a 2" angle brush which I love to use for cutting into corners.

TYPE OF ROLLER - That depends on the surface you're painting, so read the instructions before you buy.

For smooth surfaces, I really like to use a foam roller.

Easy clean up too!


I know exactly what colour scheme and what look I want. Whew!!!

I was completely inspired by an article I read in a magazine called Cloth Paper Scissors November/December 2008 Issue. The artist, Linda Blinn, wrote this really cool Cheap & Chic Mixed Media Decor article and I was captivated.

painted bathroom cabinet

I even repainted my medicine cabinet.

See where I'm going with this?

I did a mixed media collage on the wood panel insert.

I had a blast with papers, images, paint, rubber stamps and mica chips.

My bath tub surround and toilet are grey and the vanity is pale grey.

I'm going for a black and white look, with silver accents!


The primer was applied to the ceiling, walls and trim a couple of days ago. I had to do two coats to cover the previously stenciled walls.

I painted the ceiling and walls in a Gloss Latex by CIL. The colour is SILK MOON. It's a tinted white and it looks great. Tomorrow I'll need to do another coat.

bathroom painting ideas


Got the second coat on and it's perfect.

I taped off the trim and baseboards and painted them in a Gloss Latex by CIL called ICON GREY.

Here's part of the wall behind the pale grey toilet that meets up with the slightly darker grey tub surround.

The dark grey in the corner is part of the trim that goes around the tub. This Icon Grey is in the same family of colours, so it's very harmonious and ties everything together.

I have also completed the bathroom vanity cabinets in this Icon Grey!!!

I was concerned it would look clinical and cold, but it's a warm grey and looks great. I'm having a ball!!!

I'm coming up with other bathroom painting ideas and I'm thinking of the ensuite bath next!

See more of my bathroom painting ideas here... On this page I show you how to do a plastered stencil (a stencil that's in relief). A great way to make a boring surface more exciting.

Oh, and below, you can see my step-by-step bathroom wallpaper border. A new product I'm really excited about!!!

I hope you like these bathroom painting ideas. Here are more affordable bathroom painting ideas that make a big impact!

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