Bathroom Wallpaper Border

paintable wallpaper border

It took some time but I found a wonderful new PAINTABLE BATHROOM WALLPAPER BORDER. Actually, you could use it in any room!

This one is different. You actually paint it BEFORE you put it up. Oh my goodness! YES! YES! YES!!!

I asked every expert if such a product existed and I was told, "NO"...or in French, "NON". My hopes were almost dashed.

BUT, I figured, with technology advancing as fast as it does there just HAD to be a paintable wallpaper border I could paint before I hung it up.

I found it! It's called SUPER FRESCO (I swear I don't have stocks in the company). And you can journey along with me and see if the product does what it claims to do.

My bathroom painting ideas and what's actually available don't always go hand-in-hand. But this product, so far, seems to fit my needs.

OK, so here goes...

bathroom wallpaper border painted

The instructions were very clear.

Using latex paint, I could paint or highlight the pre-pasted, embossed wallpaper border.

However, if I got any paint on the back of the paper, I'd have to install the border with wallpaper paste.

I wasn't prepared to do that.

So what I did was cut lengths, slightly longer than the four walls of my bathroom. Using green painter's tape, I taped down the borders on my work table. There's a little narrow edge at the top and bottom of the border which made it simple.

Using a good quality brush, I applied one solid coat of Gloss Latex Lamp Black paint.

Here you can see how I had it all laid out. The bathroom wallpaper borders are all taped down and the first coat of paint is drying with the help of a space heater.

paintable bathroom wallpaper border

First Coat !

This is what it looks like after the first coat has dried.

Oh, and if you do use a space heater to speed up the drying time, please don't leave it unattended. I HAD to speed things up because at the time I had 3 inquisitive kitties that were famous for running through my paint projects!

At this point I'm really excited about my bathroom wallpaper border.

bathroom wallpaper border highlighted

Now on to the next step. Using a brayer (rubber or acrylic roller), I rolled on some of that gorgeous Behr Premium Plus With Style, No. 743 Silver.

Load paint onto the roller and lightly roll onto the embossed wallpaper. The roller will only hit the peaks, and anything in the valleys remains black.

Now I have to let this dry overnight. When I hang the border, the paint will be dry but not fully cured. The instructions advise against pressing too hard as this could cause the paint to smear onto the walls. Hhmmm....

hanging bathroom wallpaper border

Well, there it is! It worked beautifully! No smears and it went up like a dream.

I really like the way it looks and I can't wait to get on with the rest of the project, which is to paint the vinyl floor.

If you have any questions about a bathroom wallpaper border, contact me here.

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