by Lydia Steeves

Helping the Ottawa Humane Society

Cat Christmas Cards, Lydia Steeves, Ottawa Humane Society

Lydia Steeves has designed a gorgeous set of Cat Christmas Cards and is donating the proceeds of the sales to the Ottawa Humane Society.

The goal is to help raise "$9.5 million to build a state of the art facility that will bring about lasting, positive outcomes in every department and allow us to save, treat, house and place more animals."

Lydia is passionate about fostering kitties and is often caring for the sickest kittens. Heartbreaking at times when a little fur ball just can't hang on but mainly rewarding to see most of them get well. My own little tabby, Tattoo, was a Lydia rescue.


Cat Christmas Cards, Lydia Steeves, Ottawa Humane Society

Each set contains 4 cards. You get one of each beautiful design.

There's Opus, Ellie, Willy and Dexter...all fostered by Lydia, of course!

PRICE: $12.00 per set. $10 from each set will be donated to the Ottawa Humane Society, while $2 covers the e-commerce transaction fee and postage.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your purchase and support!

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you everyone!

Cat Christmas Cards, Lydia Steeves, Ottawa Humane Society

Cat Christmas Cards, Lydia Steeves, Ottawa Humane Society

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