Conte and Charcoal Drawing

by Gary Mulhall
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)



This is a drawing made of Mr. Joseph Campbell, well renown for his research and public speaking on mythology, to name but one of his area's of expertise.

I was introduced to Mr. Campbell by watching the DVD series taped for PBS called "The Power of Myth", where he was being interviewed by Bill Moyers. Mr. Campbell and his message impacted me, and his dynamic presence inspired me to create this drawing.

I used warm colored textured paper, Conte Sepia, white charcoal for highlights. This drawing is looser in style than my other work, which was a good exercise for me to loosen up, and still get the impact I was looking for. I used a reference Art book called "The art of the Pencil" the author/artist is Sherry Camhy. A great source of information for me in my work.

I hope you enjoy this.
Gary Mulhall

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