Finding Your Authentic

Creative Spirit

Artwork by Cheryl Poulin, copyright protected

We all possess a desire for creative expression. That's why creative arts are so important.

What is that feeling inside us that makes us want to paint, draw, dance, sing, take photos, make scrapbooks? It's your Creative Spirit whispering.

What a fantastic feeling it is to create something from the heart.

Time seems to stand still. Nothing else matters. As the catch phrase goes these days, "You're in the moment."

The painting above is my "Creative Spirit". I painted it from my heart and not from some art degree.

Here's a really simple truth...

You don't need an art degree to

express yourself through

creative arts.

Here's what I hear all the time...

"Oh, I wish I knew how to paint, but I don't have any natural talent."

"My art teacher in Grade 5 told me I wasn't very good."

"My sister has all the talent. I wish I was as talented as she is."

"I wish I could paint what's in my heart."

These workshops can help you let go of those negative thoughts and guide you into just getting on with some quality play time!

This program is not about having you produce museum-quality masterpieces. Not at all.

This is merely about participating in activities that will bring out your Creative Spirit (we all have one, trust me).

All you need is to WANT to paint or draw from your heart.

All I ask is that you be true to your authentic self and not try to produce anything in the hopes of pleasing me or others.

Why not join me in one of my creative arts abstract mixed media classes? I know you'll enjoy yourself and be glad you came.

Special Workshops

Fall and Winter Decorative Painting Projects