with Patricia Gulyas

Faux with a pro! Patricia Gulyas was my guest instructor and I was so delighted to have her here!!

She is a fine artist from France with an amazing list of skills. From high realism to surrealism to faux finish and murals, Patricia does it all!

And she taught us some really nice effects.

Original art by Patricia Gulyas

In this 4-hour workshop we learned how to create very realistic marble and 2 stone effects.

Original faux marble by Patricia Gulyas


This is a warm yellowish marble with interesting veins. We learned this marble technique, and quickly imagined how we could refresh an old table, or add a wow factor to our front entrances! Imagine turning a wood mantle into marble for the ultimate in chic!

Also would make a great background effect for a decorative painting project.

Grey Stone Faux Finish by Patricia Gulyas


This is a great basic black and white stone effect.

Imagine a little outdoor table and chair set done with this technique!

I really liked the simple look of this stone.

Faux Black Stone by Patricia Gulyas


A dramatic stone colour with interesting veins of gold.

I think this would look great on a floorcloth or a jewellery box!

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