glass painting tips

I hope you'll use these glass painting tips as you explore this wonderful craft and art form.

The first challenge I faced when I tried painting up some wine glasses was that I had no idea where to start or how I'd get paint to stick to a glossy, non-porous surface.

Would I be able to wash the glasses?

Would the paint be safe if wine or food came into contact?

What about special equipment or tools?

So before I could start my project I had to do my homework...

Glass paints and products for all your glass painting needs!

Glass painting tips.

So I enlisted the help of a very dear friend and we did our homework. Only, we ended up being further confused!!

Who knew there we so many options? Now the task was to test the glass paints and find out how best to use them.

First I should explain that doing the research in order to get you these great tips was a labor of fun!

We bought up all the brands we could get our hands on and we got to work.

We spent hours trying this product and that one. We kept records of each one's performance and wrote all about glass painting.

You can find our research details and all the glass painting tips you could ever need by following this link.

glass painting tips

In time, I'd love to develop glass painting techniques like the one featured above! Oh well, time and experimentation! Here's how you get back to the HOME PAGE.

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