Beginner Tole Painting Classes
Great as a refresher course too!

HOW TO TOLE PAINT - Beginner lessons also ideal as a refresher course starting 2020.

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Minimum 3 students, maximum 4 students

FEE IS $350 PER PERSON pre-paid

If you've never painted, this is a great way to learn all the basics! If you haven’t painted in a long time, this is a great refresher course!

Your 2-day course includes coffee, tea, morning snack, hearty lunch, and afternoon snack. It's all very comfy, casual and relaxing!


Holding Liner Brush

I know first-hand how exciting and even a little nerve wracking it can be to learn anything new for the very first time.

Well, fear not. Tole painting (also referred to as decorative painting) is a step-by-step, fail-proof process. I guide you every step of the way. You can't fail.

I teach you how to hold each different brush so that it performs the way it should. With practice it becomes easier. Believe me! I was a beginner too.

Your Course Fee Includes

Most likely, very few of these items will mean much to you right now, but they are some of the basic tools you'll use to learn how to tole paint...and they're included in your course.

1-inch sponge brush

#12 Flat brush

#3 Round brush

#1 Liner brush

The brushes are manufactured by Heinz-Jordan and are artist quality grade to ensure that your tole and decorative painting classes are a success.

5 x 7 Practice Journal

1 wood surface

4 glazed ceramic tiles (4" x 4")

Line drawings

2 sheets Graphite Paper

4 sheets tracing paper

Instructional Pamphlet and notebook to take home.

Use of all paints, sealers and varnishes while in the studio.

What You'll Learn While You're Here

Pressure Strokes

Again, as someone who's never taken tole painting classes before, most of these terms may as well be a foreign language to you. Nevertheless, here’s what we’ll cover in the 2-day intensive course. Don't worry, you'll be familiar with all of this in no time at all. It's all part of learning how to tole paint!













Decorative Plaque

If you've always dreamed of being able to paint gifts, home decor pieces, furniture, walls, floors, ceramics, fabrics or whatever...this is the perfect foundation course for you to learn how to tole paint.

Once you've taken these tole painting classes you'll be able to paint on your own and explore ways of furthering your painting skills by taking other classes and workshops.

There are wonderful books and magazines that can also help to fuel your imagination.

This is a wonderful hobby for anyone who needs a creative outlet.

Whether you're a natural or you feel you don't have what it takes, I CAN teach you.

Yes, You CAN
Learn How to Tole Paint
in Just 2 Days!!!!


DATE: to be announced

TIME: 9:30 AM to 5:00 on both days

FEE: $350 per person

Fan Stroke Comma Stroke Butterflies

On both days we paint from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

There are two 15 minute breaks. One mid-morning and another mid-afternoon.

There is a 30 minute break for lunch around NOON.

You'll learn all you need to know to give you a solid foundation for future projects. Believe me, there's lots to learn. But it's a whole heap of fun!

As you begin to practice what you're learning in your tole painting lessons, you'll be encouraged to fill pages in your personal art journal (included in your course).

I think having an art journal is very important because it will serve as a reference guide when I am no longer there and you are painting by yourself. Plus, you DO have to practice, that's how you hang on to what you learned during your tole painting lessons.

Here's what's going to happen in class.

You'll learn about your new brushes and supplies. You'll learn some new terminology and a brief history of tole and decorative painting.

You'll learn the right way of holding and loading paint onto a flat brush and onto a round brush. You'll learn decorative painting by doing strokework with a round and a flat brush as well as learning to float color with a flat brush to create highlights and shadows. Plus much, much more!!

For more information on how to tole paint, contact me here.

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