Once again this year, our dynamic sister duo, Nancy and Dixie Cearnes, have painted ornaments and knitted up a storm for PLEO.

Last year, Nancy and Dixie painted 109 ornaments.

Just back from a 3-week journey to New Zealand, jet lag not withstanding... the sisters made it to the paint in where they donated their items and then went on to knit and paint some more! In all, they contributed another 50 items for PLEO.

As always, a great big thanks to the both of you for always coming through!!

Nancy Cearnes

Here's Nancy completely absorbed is her knitting!

She's made umpteen dishcloths, which are always a big seller.

And of course, a lovely knit cap.

Not to mention the gazillion ornaments!!!

Dixie Cearnes And here's Dixie putting on a final coat of varnish to one of her many, many hand painted ornaments.

Dixie can always be counted on to help in any way she can. And she does plenty!

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