As a decorative painter and mixed media artist, I have my share of painting stories!

In my studio, during classes, my students will usually crack me up with some story of their own.

For sure, they're always looking for advice, tips, tricks and short cuts.

Wouldn't it be great to have a lively studio that never closes and advice that never ends? That anyone around the world could get this information without having to pay some membership fee?

Well that's my vision.

Do you have a great painting story to share?

Here's where you can re-tell a hilarious moment in a painting class. Maybe you can tell us about your worst disasters!

You can talk about anything that's related to painting!

Got a favourite designer/instructor? Praise them here for the world to see!

Do you know of an important upcoming event that other painters would like to know about or participate in? Conventions, craft shows, art shows...?

This is where you can ask for advice and of course, share advice!

And are you really pleased with a project? Send in your's so easy!

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I attended a workshop given by Andrea Warren the Golden rep, about the paints and mediums they carry. It was so much fun. A lot of information and techniques …

3 useful tips for brush and painting care 
Glazing Medium is a very handy artist's helper. I use it to paint over tape so that paint will not bleed under when one is trying to get that perfect edge. …

Coffee and Decorative Painting don't mix... 
Having your water basin next to your coffee mug is just an invitation for disaster! How often have I rinsed my brush in my cup of java? I'll bet I'm …

Josephine Code --- VII Code  Not rated yet
VII CODE is an unfinished portrait of Queen Josephine by Pulis (1784 -1813), David’s student. It always draws our eyes not only by its wonderful painting …

Cheryl = Fun Not rated yet
What a blast. We took a mixed media workshop today with Cheryl Poulin and spent the day laughing. No pressure, great advice and tips. I actually went …

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