Phyllis Grant-Parker

As President of PLEO, it was with great enthusiasm that Phyllis Grant-Parker spent the day helping behind the scenes.

She is seen here busy pricing and tagging and loving every minute of it.

Phyllis is overwhelmed by the generosity of complete strangers who've stepped forward to make this fund raising event such a joyful and successful event.

Andrew Parker

Phyllis' son, Andrew was on hand helping with background stuff. We're all delighted that he pitched in and actually had a good time!

Sometimes it's the things that happen behind the scenes, the grunt work as I call it, that need a ton of attention.

As the host of the Paint In, I rely heavily on other volunteers to co-ordinate things like gathering, delivering, tagging, pricing, repairs (if needed), varnishing, stringing and so on.

So people like Andrew are extremely important in keeping the momentum going. One less thing to worry about.

Many thanks to this wonderful mom and son team! Woo hoo!!!

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