design by Cheryl Poulin

Enjoy these free tag patterns.

Here's a happy little pooch just waiting for Christmas morning. Some little boy or girl is going to have the best Christmas EVER!

The line drawing and instructions for the tag patterns are further down the page.


Enjoy these and feel free to share with your painting friends!!

design by Cheryl Poulin

That's one fat partridge in a pear tree!

An easy little primitive that works up in no time at all!

The line drawing and instructions are further down the page.


Pooch and Partridge in a Pear Tree Tag Ornaments

Designs by: Chéryl Poulin

Americana Palette

Antique White, Country Red, Golden Straw, Lamp Black, Peach Sherbert, Avocado, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Light Buttermilk, White


#12 Flat, #6 Flat, 10/0 Liner, ¼ deerfoot

Other Supplies

Left-over scrapbook papers, Mod Podge or Golden Gel Matte Medium, Exact-o Knife (Box cutter), yarn or string for hanging tags, fine tipped permanent pen.


No need to sand and tack the tags. Choose pretty pieces of leftover scrapbook paper that are slightly larger than the tags. Glue down the papers to the front on the tags, using a brayer or credit card to get rid of any bubbles and extra glue. Wipe off any glue that may have smeared onto the paper with a damp paper towel. When dry, do the other side of the tag with a complimentary or same colour paper.

Trace the pattern onto the front of the tags.

Basecoat as follows:

Raw Sienna – Dog, beak on partridge

Antique White – Partridge

Golden Straw – Pears

Country Red – Dog collar, stocking cuff, hanger, heel and toe of stocking

Peach Sherbet – Tongue

Black – Dog’s nose and eye, partridge’s eye

Avocado – Stocking and leaves


With Black, shade the tips of the paws, the tip of the ear, and the front of the muzzle.

With Burnt Umber, shade under the ear, along the top lip and the chin down to the collar.

Add little profile hairs around the head, front of his face and tip of the ear.

Add little profile hairs on the front paws with mixes of Raw Sienna and Light Buttermilk.

With Country Red, shade the tongue. Use Red to blush his cheek.

With Contry Red + tch of Avocado, shade the hanger, inside the stocking and the back of the collar.

With Golden Straw, highlight the front of the collar.

With deerfoot, stipple the cuff with Country Red. While wet, tip the toe of the dirty brush into Golden Straw and stipple a highlight around the edges of the cuff.

With Black, add stitches to the heel and toe of the stocking.

Dip dots of White and Golden Straw for the stocking.

2 Tiny White dots in the eye and nose.


With Burnt Umber, line in the tree and the branches.

With avocado on #6 Flat, create S-stroke leaves.

With Raw Sienna, shade the pears.

With Burnt Sienna, deepen the pear shading.

With Burnt Sienna, shade the tail and wing feathers at the tips. Make these floats wide because you’ll be over-stroking them later.

With Country Red, apply a washy float to the partridge’s face, belly and on the pears at the bottom.

Using liner and Country Red, add tiny comma strokes to the feather tips.

With Light Buttermilk, highlight the pears.

With Burnt Umber, line in the partridge’s legs and lower part of the beak.

Use a permanent pen to outline the partridge, pears, leaves and the leaf veins.

Add a tiny White dot in the eye.

I hope you enjoy doing these tag patterns.

design by Cheryl Poulin

design by Cheryl Poulin

If you'd like to see more free tag patterns drop me a lin here.

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