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If you happen to live in the Ottawa area, there are on-going classes to suit your artistic needs.

My studio offers workshops in mixed media, abstract, tole painting, collage, paper crafts, altered art, art swaps, artist trading cards and much more.

Located at 3152 Stonecrest Road, Dunrobin, Ontario

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Cheryl Poulin

Enjoy acrylic painting workshops in rural Ottawa with Cheryl Poulin.
Catering to mixed media artists as well as decorative painters, these acrylic painting workshops are lively and rewarding.
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About decorative painting,what's happening in the industry and upcoming workshops and classes.
Painting with acrylics. Workshops in the Rural Ottawa Kanata area.
You're just going to love painting with acrylics! Take a look at the classes being offered and register today. Class size is limited!
More acrylic painting classes with Cheryl Poulin.
Here are more delightful acrylic painting classes for you to choose from.
Creativity coach, Cheryl Poulin uses artful activities for help in art and life.
Try a workshop with creativity coach Cheryl Poulin to find your inner artist. Creating vision boards or abstract art, unlocking your creativity will have a positive effect in all areas of your life.
Beginner decorative painting. Learn to paint and have a great time doing it!!
These beginner decorative painting lessons will teach you everything you need to know about painting with acrylics. And it's affordable! Right from the start you'll be surprised by what you CAN do!
Bathroom painting ideas that are easy to do.
Detailed help for bathroom painting ideas. See a REAL bathroom get a makeover!
How to make altered books from start to finish.
Here's how to make altered books. It's easy with these step by step instructions. Lots of pictures, tips and advice too!
A humument adds new dimension to an altered book!
A HUMUMENT or found poetry, as I think of it, is simply a rearranging of words and sentences in a book to be altered.
Learn about artist trading cards and how you can trade!
Artist trading cards, how to make them, how to trade them.
Collage artwork is a wonderful art form.
Doing collage artwork can be done by a novice crafter to the most experienced fine artist. Whatever your skill level, collage is a great form of self expression!
A great doodle and all doodle drawings allow us to make art while daydreaming. S
Funny thing about a great doodle, you have to be making art while focusing on something entirely different! Doodle drawings make great art therapy!
For art students, this is an opportunity to showcase your work.
See what other art students are painting and creating!
FREE tole painting pattern.
Paint this project using this free tole painting pattern. It's easy and the design canbe used on any surface.
Useful art tips and techniques of all sorts! The list keeps growing!
Simple art tips to unleash the artist in you! Great for the new painter or for the more experienced artist.
Meet Cheryl Poulin: One of Ottawa‘s most popular decorative painting teachers!
See what Cheryl Poulin is up to and how you can paint with her!
Contact Cheryl
Information for contacting us about classes and workshops as well as art for sale.
Wall mural ideas for your viewing pleasure!
These wall mural ideas can be done in a weekend! Wonderful child wall mural.
Studio pets are wonderful companions, even if they do get into mischief!
Does your animal companion keep you entertained while you make art? A fun place for artists to share photos of their beloved studio pets!
Our privacy policy.
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Blackboard paint for kitchens, hallways or children's playrooms. A fun project.
Follow this step-by-step blackboard paint project. See how I take a small wall in my kitchen and convert it to a great message centre! Let's see what the challenges are.
Read Earmark Studio testimonial and see if this workshop is right for you!
Here's what some participants of EAT, PLAY, PAINT Ladies' Art Retreat have had to say. Read these interesting Earmark Studio Testimonials!
Vision boards are powerful tools you create to help you reach your goals.
Prepare to be self-transformed. Make your own vision boards and learn the power you have to attract what you really want into your life.
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