Ah yes, my studio pets. I'm blessed to have two fantastic furry companions. I have a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog named Gus and I have a brown tabby cat named Tattoo who likes to contribute to my art.

Because of Gus' massive size and hair, he can't be in the studio but he does greet all of my students with noisy and happy enthusiasm.

Tattoo is my little buddy. He makes himself quite at home in piles of collage papers and boxes of all sizes. He's even left a paw print on artwork left to dry.

I thought it would be fun to provide artists with an opportunity to show off their pets.

If you want to contact me about your studio pets, drop me a line here.
Gus the Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Do you have furry little helpers poking around your studio or kitchen table while you paint?

If you have fun or glamorous photos of your pets in the studio, why not share them for everyone to see?

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Tattoo is my wonderfully zany studio cat. He loves to hang out with me and to mess with all my stuff while I'm working. Eventually he settles and …

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This little bun was let loose in the street and was found by a friend who brought him directly to my house. I had 3 other bunnies, but she knew I'd have …

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