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ATC Images, Theme - Wings

ATC originals by Cheryl Poulin

Top left ATC images are by Cheryl Poulin, titled "Make Believe".

Top right by Cheryl Poulin, titled "Hope".

Bottom by Cheryl Poulin, titled "Fear of Flying". I just love that one!

ATC Images- No themes

Shelley Klassen ATCs

We happened to cross paths while doing research on the internet!

We just HAD to trade cards! Here are Shelley Klassens ATCs.

She's more than a collage artists... see for yourself!

ATC by Kerri Winterstein

This is Kerri Winterstein's first trade! It was a photo swap, with the theme "Corner of the Sky". Aren't they gorgeous?

ATCs by Joni Newman,Brenda Krutzer, Jo Allan, Renee Deschamps

Top left by Jo Allan C.P.T., "Untitled".

Top right by Renee Deschamps, titled "Garden Fairy".

Bottom left by Joni Newman, titled "Nature's Kitchen". Quilted ATC!

Bottom right by Brenda Krutzer, titled "Sunshine".

ATCs by Christine Ertl,JK Barrack,Cheryl Poulin,Tammy Massel

Top left by J.K Barrack, titled "African Grey Parrot".

Top right by Christine Ertl, titled "Dolly Llama".

Bottom left by Tammy Massel, titled "Rose Grosbeak".

Bottom right by Cheryl Poulin, titled "Roosters were Crowing".

ATCs by Jo Allan, Christine Ertl

Top by Jo Allan, C.P.T., "Untitled". 1 of 3

Bottom by Christine Ertl, titled "Heike with Gloves". Print of an acrylic painting.

ATCs by Pamela Clifford, Suzanne Caron-Riches

Top by Pamela Clifford, "Ms. Kitty".

Bottom by Suzanne Caron-Richer, "Untitled".

ATCs byJennifer Colvin,Cindy Lee Olah

Top ATC images by Jennifer Colvin, titled "Key 2 Perfection".

Bottom by Cindy Lee Olah, titled "Untitled".

ATCs by Linda Lock, Sally Soobrian

Top by Linda Lock, titled "Journey".

Bottom by Sally Soobrian, titled "Paris Remembered".

ATCs by Sally Soobrian, Cheryl Poulin

Top by Sally Soobrian, titled "Grow".

Bottom by Cheryl Poulin, titled "The Evil Coagulating".

ATCs by Brush Benders of Michigan, Cheryl Poulin

Top by an ATC trading group named, Brush Benders of Michigan,Theme "Our Country", titled America One Piece of the World Puzzle"

Bottom by Cheryl Poulin, titled "Seeing Red".

ATCs by Wendy Southin, Cheryl Poulin

Top by Wendy Southin, theme "Green", titled "Fern Green".

Bottom by Cheryl Poulin, theme "Spring", titled "Tulip". 3 of 3

ATCs by Wendy Southin, Elisa Vegliante

Top by Wendy Southin, theme "Nature", titled "Hidden Nature".

Bottom by Elisa Vegliante, titled "Offbeat Cow Chasing a Shepherd".

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