Cheryl Poulin

Teaches Mixed Media and Decorative Painting!

Cheryl Poulin

Cheryl Poulin has a painting style that reflects her playful nature and her attention to every detail.

Many of her works can be found in homes in the Ottawa region and as far away as Great Britain and Australia.

Born in 1962 in Montreal, Quebec she is fluent in both French and English.

Cheryl’s first creative exploration was in decorative arts.

After only a few short years she had mastered many styles and numerous painting techniques.

Her skills are quite exceptional and her passion for decorative painting is great.

More recently, she has turned her attention to mixed media where she creates in a more abstract and casual presentation. Practicing both styles, she keeps her skills finely honed. Cheryl uses mostly acrylics and loves adding texture and obscure “found” objects to her compositions.

Today Cheryl Poulin teaches from her spacious home-based studio, Earmark Purrductions Creative Studios in a tranquil forested setting in Dunrobin, Ontario. Her workshops are lively and energetic!

She is also a creativity coach, empowering women by using art as a way of improving their lives. Need a creativity coach? Just follow this link....

Cheryl has been exploring the arts most of her life and has been teaching for more than 17 years. Some of her designs have been featured in painting magazines.

She is a member of Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA) and the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) as well as the West Carleton Arts Society (WCAS).

Her teaching methods are well suited to the beginner, the intermediate and advanced student.

Cheryl balances attention to detailed instruction with good-humored encouragement. Students are constantly surprised by what they have achieved in her classes.

Her students often tell her how much they appreciate her patience, her sense of humor and her methods of teaching.

The classroom always has a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where every level of painting experience is respected.

You may contact Cheryl at (613) 832-4099 with any inquiries.

Or use this quick, convenient contact form to tell her about yourself and how she may be able to help you realize your artistic goals.

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