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Updates and Garage Sale!
October 06, 2018

Hello everyone!

Fall is here and finally the weather is back to normal. Loving the cooler temperatures.

Thanks to all of you who contacted me, so concerned about my well being after the tornado roared through Dunrobin. As you know by now, all is fine. We do have a lot of trees down on the sides and back of our house. Our landscape has changed, that's for sure. We were very fortunate. But enough about that.


I am having a "garage sale" on Saturday, October 27. If the weather is nice I will set everything up on the front deck. Right now there's no room to move in the studio, there's THAT much stuff. There are many, many painting surfaces for sale at very reasonable prices.

Included are a quilt/blanket rack, a potato and onion cabinet, a round tilt-top table, a tall cabinet shaped like a birdhouse, framed mirrors, wood shapes and much more!

I would love for you to come have a look. Of course there are no obligations to buy anything. Everything is priced but you won't offend me if you make me an offer for less. Cheques, cash or E-transfers only.

Once I can clear the tables I'll be able to paint in the studio again. What a concept!! Then of course I will resume painting classes which will run all through winter, spring and summer again, assuming that there are enough of you interested in the workshops.

On that note, it's very helpful to me to prepare workshops based on your interests. If you have project ideas I'd love it if you would share them with me.

I'll let you know when classes resume. Stay tuned!

Best regards,



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