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Special Workshops

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  1. Painting with acrylics. Workshops in the Rural Ottawa Kanata area.

    Nov 04, 17 05:33 PM

    You're just going to love painting with acrylics! Take a look at the classes being offered and register today. Class size is limited!

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  2. More acrylic painting classes with Cheryl Poulin.

    Apr 21, 17 10:51 AM

    Here are more delightful acrylic painting classes for you to choose from.

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  3. Ottawa art conference SPRING INTO ART IV - on April 09, 2016

    Mar 07, 17 08:34 AM

    Very popular Ottawa Art Conference - SPRING INTO ART IV, register now!

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  4. Learn how to tole paint in one weekend!

    Feb 08, 17 06:56 AM

    How to tole paint is easy when you paint with Cheryl Poulin. Tole painting classes retreat for you and your friends!

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  5. Sterlings wolf. Acrylics

    Nov 10, 16 08:20 PM

    When our youngest grandson (Sterling)turned 10 he said that he felt slighted because his Grandpa John had passed away and didn't have time to make something

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