Here's a free tole painting pattern for a handy scissors holder!

This is a fun and fast project.

The surface is decoupaged with a pretty paper.

You could use some scrapbooking remnants.

This works up in no time at all.

You could match it to any room decor.

Make a whole bunch for your next craft show or as hostess gifts.

Embellish with beads, buttons or ribbons if you want to jazz it up more.

The surface is available from

Copyright Protected-Original design by Cheryl Poulin

Coyote Woodworks.

You'll need the following:

Pretty Decorative Papers

Matte Gel Medium

Deco Art Americana Palette

Hauser Medium Green,

Dark Forest Green,

Victorian Blue,

Olive Green, Williamsburg Blue, Deep Midnight Blue

Light Buttermilk, Warm White

Burnt Sienna, True Ochre

Moon Yellow

And before you go any further...

Here's another free tole painting pattern

decoupage scissors holder

Prepare the scissors holder by decoupaging some decorative papers on the front and top portion of the holder.

Use the matte gel medium as an adhesive.

Poke a hole at the top from front to back with a darning needle. This will ensure the jagged paper is poked in the hole and out of view.

Let everything dry.

Trim the paper and sand the edges smooth.

Apply decorative paper to the sides.

Let dry, trim and sand the edges.

Instead of using papers, you may choose to just basecoat the holder in a colour that appeals to you.

painting daisies

Trace the line drawing (which appears at the bottom of this page) onto tracing paper.

Position the tracing and use dark graphite to transfer the design. Use light pressure.

Basecoat all of the leaves with 2 coats of Hauser Medium Green.

Float Dark Forest Green on one side of the center veins.

It’s nice to add a tint here and there with floats of Victorian Blue.

Dry-brush some highlights with Olive Green.

painting daisies Mix 4 parts Matte Gel Medium with 1 part Williamsburg Blue. Mix thoroughly.

This will create very textured petals for the daisies. Do all the petals using a well-loaded #3 Round. Start at the tip and pull toward the centers. This is the undercoat.

painting daisies

Paint one daisy at a time.

Start with the petals that are tucked behind others and finish with the petals that are in front.

You’ll notice that the gel medium renders the paint somewhat transparent. Let everything dry completely before moving on to the next step.

painting daisies

Shade at the base of each petal, with floats of Deep Midnight Blue.

Overstroke each petal: first load into (clean) matte gel medium and then tip into Light Buttermilk. Pull the Light Buttermilk from each tip toward the centers.

Re-load for each petal and clean after every 3 or 4 petals.

Repeat with Warm White.

I hope this free tole painting pattern is enjoyable so far. I really enjoyed designing it.

To finish the daisies, stipple the centers with Burnt Sienna, repeat with True Ochre, repeat with Moon Yellow and finally with a touch of Warm White.

Each application of color should be applied in a way to create a highlight at the top of each daisy center.

Finish with 3 or 4 coats of gloss varnish.

I hope you enjoy painting this little project. I have plans to add many more free tole painting patterns, in the meantime let me take you back to the Home page.

daisies line drawing The image was reduced to fit.

First, right-click on the image and select print picture.

Then use a photocopier to enlarge the line drawing by 200%.

My plan is to do other free tole painting patterns on a regular basis. I have an idea for painting on fabric for a spring / summer project. Something for the picnic table? Maybe a funky floorcloth? Hhhmmm...a cotton shirt or jeans? I'll get back to you. :o)

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