Graphite Drawing

by Gary Mulhall
(Kitchener, Ontario Canada)



Best Friend came as a result of a woman who had a lab that was in ill health. She wanted to preserve her memory of this "Best Friend" before it was too late. She had asked me to do a drawing of her dog. I came up with the idea of having both the younger dog, and the current-day dog on the same drawing, with a story of it's own. For me it was simply the older dog thinking about 'the good ole days' something we as humans do more and more of as we age.
The woman loved this final drawing, and I hope all who view this see the spirit in the dog, as I had.
This drawing was completed on Strathmore 80 pound drawing paper, using graphite from HB through to 9B. Some white charcoal for those with a sharp eye.
Gary Mulhall

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