Mario Cerroni, copyright protected.

Nurturing Your Photographic Creativity ALL-INCLUSIVE ONE DAY WORKSHOP!!!

You want to take this workshop if you are

· looking to move beyond taking snapshots via your camera’s auto modes;

· wanting to take control of your photography by understanding your camera’s capabilities;

· and you would like to produce better and more creative photos.


Mario Cerroni, copyright protected.

Morning session:

Explanations and examples will be focused on getting to know your camera and what the non-auto modes give you control over.

We will discuss aperture (f/stops), shutter speeds, and ISO and how they pertain to getting the exposure and depth of field that you want, depending on your subject.

Practical examples will be used.
Each main concept will include opportunities to take photographs and get hands-on practice with each of the concepts.

Each practice session will be followed with an opportunity to share some of the results to review and solidify the concepts that are covered.

Gourmet lunch at Noon!!!!

Mario Cerroni, copyright protected

Afternoon session:

The focus in the afternoon will be on photographic and artistic composition.

We’ll look at examples that illustrate principles of good and artistic composition.

You will then once again get an opportunity to put theory into practice with some photo shooting practice sessions and exercises.

An opportunity to share and critique some of the resulting photos from the practice sessions will be included as part of the afternoon session.

What to bring

Digital camera, camera manual, notebook, warm clothing for outdoor photography, tripod if you have one.

Snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the day, so bring your appetite!


DSLR cameras or higher end Point & Shoot cameras that allow you to select Aperture, Shutter, and Manual modes.

Check your camera manuals if you are not sure if your Point & Shoot camera has this capability.



TIME: 10am to 4:30pm, please arrive at 9:30am so we can settle into our seats, grab a muffin and warm our hands on toasty coffee mugs.

Class size is restricted to 8 participants.



Mario Cerroni

The subjects I photograph all have some element of beauty that speaks to me.

Sometimes it's the geometry behind the pattern of lines and spaces that make up a building; or it's the sweep of curves that blend into an attractive abstract; perhaps it's the quiet serenity and colour in a dramatic sky that envelops a serene pastoral view; maybe even the quiet drama of a sunset.

The world around us presents a variety of rhythms and patterns.

I like to think that sometimes I tune into those with my camera. When you look at my photos, I hope that you catch at least a glimpse of what I have seen.

Please visit Mario Cerroni's website.

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