There are so many interesting wall mural ideas!

A couple of years back I was asked to come up with some wall mural ideas for a fun mural.

My client, who is a builder, had created a crawl space under a stairway. A perfect place for a little girl to set up a play area.

While the family was away on vacation, I got to work. The little girl, whose name is Amy happened to love bugs and animals. The following images are the results of my fun wall mural ideas.

This is the entrance to the play area.

You have to stoop to get in but once inside you can stand up. Thank goodness!

The inside was painted a soft pink.

There is a turn to the left at the back wall. This is access to the furnace room.

Thanks and credits go to Priscilla Hauser for the little ducks on parade design. I just enlarged them and they are just too adorable!

Years ago I had the privilege of painting with the grand-lady of decorative painting. She's quite a character.

This is a little detail from the window mural I created.

More on that a little bit further down.

This is the window before the curtains are done.

Below are fantasy bugs I just added here and there. You can be pretty lighthearted with wall mural ideas for kids!

Making progress...

The grinning cat is perched atop a small ledge.

At child height, the effect is very good.

How do I know? I myself am only 5 feet tall.

I can't remember whose design this is but I did modify it quite a bit.

(If you recognize the design, please let me know who the artist is.)

Here is a wall mural stencil I designed and cut from butcher paper.

I taped it inside the corner of the room and it really worked out well.

Interestingly, I didn't plan out the mural ahead of time.

I just had some ideas in my head and as the walls filled up, one thing lead to another.

What could be cuter than a little bunny for a girl wall mural?

This little one is quite happy just spending some quality time grooming himself.

Or maybe he's just gazing at his belly button!

Napping? Well whatever...he looks cute just the same.

More wall mural ideas...

I couldn't resist adding the friendly little mouse on top of the heat register.

You can see my signature on the left and the date is 2006.

Where has all the time gone?!

Here is the window.

There is a wrought iron curtain rod and billowing sheer curtains.

Funny story here.

The lady of the house REALLY wanted a wrought iron curtain rod for her kitchen window. Unfortunately, the interior decorator poo-pooed the idea.

Of course I could not resist!

As a safety measure, I added a row of red lady bugs. I figured that it was a fun way of drawing attention to the lower ceiling.

On the back wall I added a wrought iron trellis. From there I added some ferns using a stencil.

Then I added flowers using foam stamps that I painted up.

Notice Mr. Bunny?

I added the little girl's name above the entrance.

You can see where the cat is sitting, the window and one of the little ducks from here.

The staircase is to the left.

On the far right is the audio room for the son.

And behind that room to the left is the dance studio for the other daughter...complete with ballet bar and mirrors!

Needless to say, the home was rather well-appointed.

The following are the results of my wall mural ideas.

I hope you've enjoyed my show and tell!

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